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Timberlane Adoption Application


We take very serioulsy the responsibility of placing our puppies in the most loving and nurturing homes. We realize this process may seen daunting to some, even extreme, but we find the more effort being made to ensure our puppies will be living with a family that is dedicated to a long, healthy future with their pet, the better opportunity we all have of success.

Please copy and paste this information into your email and return to tlanelab@hotmail.com .
Contact information for where the puppy will be living, including :

Full Address:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Email Address:

• Why did you decide on the Labrador Retriever? Have you familiarized yourself with the characteristics of a Labrador?

• Have you ever owned a dog and been responsible for his/her care? If not still living with you, what were the circumstances surrounding his/her departure?

• Will the puppy share the home with other family members including spouse, children and/or other animals?

• Please provide ages of children (if applicable) and pets (if applicable) and state if pets have been spayed or neutered.

• Is there a color/gender preference for your puppy?

• Are you applying in hopes of adopting from a certain litter or wanting first available? Do you have a time of year preference?

• Are you certain you can financially provide for your new puppy, not only the purchase price, but ongoing medical/daily care for the next 10-15 years?

• Are the working family members professions within or outside of the home?

• Will someone be with the puppy during the day? If not, how long will the puppy be at home alone during the day?

• Will the puppy be indoors or outside?

• Do you have a fenced in yard or dedicated place for the puppy to eliminate?

• Do you live in a home or apartment? Do you own or rent?

• If you rent, does the landlord know of your interest in a Labrador?

• Will all the members of the household be aware of and participate in the training so puppy doesn't receive conflicting information?

• Is it your desire to be involved in obedience, therapy work, hunt/field work, or family companion?

• It is recommended (strongly) that your Timberlane puppy is NOT spayed or neutered before the age of 18 months. Are you on board with this?

• Are you willing to provide us with feedback at regular intervals of the puppy's growth, social and physical development?

• Do you understand that even though we have taken the time and expense to do multi-generational health screenings before breeding our dogs, there is no guarantee that the puppy purchased is, or will be, completely free from genetic disease?

• If approved, how will you plan on getting your Timberlane puppy?

• Do you have any comments/concerns wish to share?

Thank you for your interest in a Timberlane puppy ~
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