Timberlane Labradors

Our Story


In a small Vermont town, I began my journey with the Labrador Retriever. I purchased my first English Labrador from Donna Reece (Ridge View Labradors). Through the following years, I was blessed to build my kennel with beautiful dogs from Dot Galvin (Hennings Mill Labradors), John Louis and Madeline Blais (Chablais Labrador)s, and Pam Leslie (Hillside Labradors). I began showing on a small level and competed in shows around New England and across the boarder in Canada. Although the show ring isn't my favorite place to be, as I have terrible stage fright, I had some success in the show ring. For me though, I'd much prefer taking long walks in the woods and raising playful puppies.

Moving to North Carolina in 2000, I continued my breeding program and met a man that fortunately fell in love with me, as well as my dogs! I always laugh and say he "married into the dogs" as you couldn't have me without them! Rusty has helped build and supported the breeding program to what it is today, as well as attained hunting titles on a several of our Labradors. We are located in the Piedmont of North Carolina on several acres of land which are home to plenty of walking trails and a pond for working the dogs and hosting club meetings. We enjoy being an active member of the Labrador Retriever Club of the Piedmont, learning about, and loving the Labrador breed with great friends and mentors.

The Man in charge at Timberlaneā€¦.Baxter the Shorty Bull Terrier.

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